Monday, April 02, 2007

Some mini "remodeling" of our own

Our downstairs bathroom is decorated (as is much of the rest of the house) in pink. Our hope has always been to replace the hideous (and barely-functioning) toilet, plus get a new vanity and eventually replace or recover the bathtub. Of course we want/need to have a fully-functioning full bathroom before doing this, but an opportunity presented itself (in the form of a massive dumpster to dispose of the old stuff) this weekend and G changed this:

into this:
How sad is it for me to say that I absolutely LOVE it? It's this toilet, but we found it on clearance at Home Depot for only $209.

It's one-piece (cleaning will be FUN! :)) and elongated vs. round. It's "white" but American Standard's white is not a super bright white and it actually matches our off-white tile pretty well.

We also found (on clearance) an oak vanity. We won't be able to replace that for awhile, but we bought it because we know we want oak (to go with the other accessories already in the bathroom) and it was a great price and exactly the size we needed and the one we wanted.

And with all the weather delays on the big project, it felt nice to be "doing" something! (Though G. might not agree as the installation wasn't exactly a piece of cake...)

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Rawmilkstar said...

Nice toilet! American Standard is the brand of the ones I got for $10 and $25. ;-) Nice toilets though and yours is a one piece, right height, Champion flush system. NICE. Seriously. One day soon I'll blog about what my dh found in my toilet, the cause of the very slow flushing. OH. Is your toilet already gone forever? Is the handle that peach color by any chance? Mine broke, so now my peach toilet has a white handle. Wondering if your handle is the same color peach/pink... (looks peach to me). I'd seriously be willing to pay you shipping for the handle if it's the right one and the right color. LOL. Really.