Friday, April 06, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 14

I cannot believe how much work four guys did in 4 1/2 days of work.

The framing is essentially done and we can see where the rooms will be!

This is facing Northeast in our bedroom. This room will be 23 feet long! At this thinner part of the "L" shape, it'll be11 feet wide, minus however deep the closet will be (probably 2 1/2 feet?).
This is the other side of the room--facing the Southeast corner--which is where the bed will be and where the wider part of the "L" will be. It's 14 feet, 8 inches wide here.
And here, on this same wall, is the framed-in door into our storage area:

And I can actually "see" the bathroom now! Here's the bathroom, looking West, through the door from our bedroom. You can see the shower to the left, the toilet will be on the right, and the vanity straight ahead (where the ladder is):

Here's looking at the shower stall head-on. I guess there will be a recessed light above the shower, too!Wow... it really is amazing to me, and despite the annoyances and inconveniences of remodeling, it has been a really cool experience to watch it all come together.

The inspector is off on Monday, so the plumber and electrician are supposed to start work on Monday, and when the inspector approves the framing, they can do the siding, windows, and soffit and fascia!

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Abby said...

It's fun to see it all coming together on your blog, too. Very cool!