Thursday, April 12, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 18

Another busy day...

The framers fixed things (see the hurricane clips?):

The electrician put in one more outlet.

The plumber re-routed the toilet vent:

and the sink vent up the side of the wall:
He got the shower stall put together and started attaching the plumbing:
And they built a tiny little door for the tiny little doorway into the storage area:
If you want to know what it looked like before the doorway was put in, look at this picture, behind the bed in the corner.

Tomorrow, if it dries out, they'll put up the soffit and fascia and side the sides ;) The inspector's coming back in the afternoon to inspect the plumbing and re-inspect the framing.

We had also considered replacing the awful paper tiles in the "existing bedroom" with drywall. A corner of it got damaged in the rain mess, so our contractor said he'd split the cost of drywalling the ceiling with us. Wow--it'll be like a REAL, usable room!

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Cindy said...

Looks like they are making great progress! Sounds like you inspector was on top of things.

We are required to add smoke detectors in each of our existing bedrooms due to our addition. They don't have to be wired though, so we bought a bulk package of the battery powered ones at Costco.