Thursday, April 05, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 13

Major work today!

Here's the bottom of the shower stall, in place:

and the back of the shower stall (along with Dave, our plumber):Dave laid out where the shower goes, and cut off the sink and toilet vents (to be re-routed on Monday) and cut the hole in the roof so that it could be shingled.

They finished the roof, except for flashing the chimney and then putting the ridge on:

And then some demolition...
This is what the stairwell looked like before:
looking down
looking up (the lower part is only 5'4"--that would be tough for moving furniture in!
and inside the room:
And after the demolition:looking up

from inside the room

from outside the room--you can see the new door frame, too--36" this time!

And the final big change for the day--the third window (which would have been right over our bed) was moved over one stud (to make room for the plumbing vent) and shrunk in half (who needs that much light over your bed?), but made big enough that we can put the air conditioner in it:
The carpenters will be back tomorrow to rough in the bathroom walls and then the electrician and plumber will come on Monday!

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