Monday, April 23, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 25

WOW! What a busy day. I can't believe that the workers (three of them) were here for about eleven hours! They sanded the drywall mud upstairs, taped things off, and primed. Then they painted with the gray paint (except for touch-ups). And then they laid the tile! (it's not grouted yet)

The bedroom:
(The good news is that I don't hate the color! I always worry about choosing paint color)

And the bathroom:
(ok, does that ONE all-black tile jump out at anyone else? I wonder if they can replace it... it's just that it's surrounded by all these white ones)

And the best part is that the first thing they did this morning was cut up the last floor board and suck out the rest of the vermiculite! No more moldy smell!

Now I just have to figure out what Home Depot did with our carpet measuring. They somehow came up with us needing 51 square yards of carpet when our measurements say it's more like 34 square yards. That's a HUGE difference! And there's a 2 week delay on ordering the carpet and even later than that to install. UGH! It's making me angry...

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