Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 17

We're in the midst of a big snowstorm, so the plumber and general contractor couldn't make it here today. But the electrician came and finished up, and hung around for the inspection at 1:30 (though the inspector was late, too, due to the weather).

The electrical passed, though there needs to be one more outlet on the tiny bit of wall between the doorway and closet, and a strongly-recommended electric smoke detector in the existing bedroom. G. and I are in disagreement about this. I figure we might as well just do it now because the ceiling is open, and we might someday want to use that room as a bedroom, in which case it'll need a smoke detector to count as one. G. thinks it's another $70 that we don't need to spend.

Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) the framing did NOT pass. Lots of "little" things--meaning, I think, easily fixable. Some things like needing hurricane clips (?), tying walls together at the corners, needing backer board in the bathroom, and needing one more stud on one wall. I guess I'm glad that our village's inspector is picky ;) lol!

So I don't know when they'll fix those framing things, but they'll have to be done and re-inspected before anything else can be done.

I hope the weather improves. We're supposed to get between 8 and 14 inches of snow. Blechhh! Some spring break for the kids!

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Abby said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe you're getting that much snow. This spring is crazy.

Sorry that the inspection didn't pass, but isn't it nice we have that system in place to make sure the quality is being done. I hope the fixes are done quickly and easily.