Thursday, April 19, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 23

Lots more drywalling today.

They finished hanging drywall upstairs and started mudding. Here's the stairwell (you can see the former angle of the roof before they bumped it up):
and the bedroom:
Hey! Our closet looks like a closet!
And the bathroom's starting to look like a bathroom:
Mudding on the existing bedroom ceiling:
And mudding on the patch hole where one of them stepped through the kitchen ceiling:
and where the dining room ceiling was replaced:I'm still not convinced that they got rid of all the wet vermiculite... Have to make sure on that tomorrow, since I can't tell what floor boards they've pulled up. And I'm sure the drywall dust will begin.

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Abby said...

Cool to see the walls take shape! And I hope hope hope that they got all the wet vermiculite.