Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Groceries 4/10/07

Not a great day, but I was/am so stocked up from last week that I really only needed produce and a few things. The sale flyer was VERY thin, too. I didn't even bother waiting until double coupon day as the only coupon I used was a free item coupon, so it wouldn't have been doubled.

Total: $30.67
Savings: $17.72
Number of Items: 24
Pick N Save

best deals:
One gallon of Organic Valley 2% milk--free (coupon from last week for buying 6 boxes of cereal)
Some off-brand ice cream for $1 (half price)

However, since I kept my bill below $70, I get to go to Trader Joe's this week! (my own personal reward)

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