Monday, April 02, 2007

Are wii having fun yet?

After waking up at an ungodly hour on Sunday, the T-man and I went to Target (where a salesman had LIED to us earlier in the week, promising that the Nintendo wii would be available on Sunday if we were there early enough) and were horribly disappointed to find no wii's. However, we had grabbed the flyers from the Sunday paper and saw that Toys R Us had them advertised, so we grabbed some breakfast at Burger King, and headed to TRU to stand in line (yes, there was already a line two hours before the store opened!)

Had the T-man not been with me, I would have probably gone home and cursed Nintendo, but he said he was more than happy to wait in line for an hour. So we went.

The people in line were VERY pleasant and we all joked and exchanged stories about trying to secure a wii since before Xmas.

At about 9:05 (almost an hour before the store was due to open), an employee came out and said "you're here for the wii advertised today? That's an April Fool's joke!" but immediately laughed. She then explained how it worked--she'd hand out tickets for all of us and let us in 3 at a time to shop and get to talk to the employees, etc. They also had a promotion where you'd save 15% if you applied for a Toys R Us credit card.

T. and I went in, and walked out with our arms FULL of wii and wii paraphenalia (some put away for later holidays) and we were giddy with excitement:
Here's M., boxing:
It's a LOT of fun. We're all sore from playing tennis--how many video games can you say that about?

Santa delivers--even if it is three plus months late :)

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Rawmilkstar said...

OHHHHHHHH!!! I'm so glad you finally got your Wii!! I cannot believe people are STILL having to wait in line. I, like you, would have gone home, cursing Nintendo. By miracle alone, we managed to get our Wii before Christmas. I was SOOOO relieved, and can still remember the feelings of disappointment, and finally elation when we got ours. I haven't used the system much. I did bowl, but that's about it.