Monday, April 09, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 15

Today was all about the electrical!

Look for the blue boxes below
north wall--one outlet:

Ceiling directly above--two integrated smoke detectors:

East wall (north side)--will be one 6 ft. heater; one outlet between windows:
East wall (south side)--one "regular" outlet; one outlet (and circuit) just for the window air conditioner; second 6 ft. heater:

South wall--two outlets on either side of the bed; one pull-string light in storage area:

Bathroom--light above shower (there will also be a light/fan in the middle of the room eventually, but the electrician thought it would only be a fan, so has to get something else):
Over the vanity: light for storage area behind; GFIC outlet; will be 30" heater on ground
Small wall in corner of bathroom--switch for both lights and fan; outlet in bedroom:
Short wall in bedroom (faces north)--thermostat and outlet:
West wall of room (where the closet will be)--dimmer switch for lights in bedroom:
Tomorrow the electrician should finish, the plumber should come, and the siding will be delivered. Wednesday the inspector will come to inspect the framing, electrical, and plumbing.

Tonight we went to pick out tile for the bathroom and carpet for the bedroom. You wouldn't think that would be difficult, but we barely found a carpet in our price range and couldn't find tile in our price range that would be the color we wanted (dark gray in both cases). :(

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