Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 12

Another very active day today!

It started with double dehumidifiers running on the first floor and in the basement. There's still spots almost everywhere and some cracks appearing, but the contractor pretty much expects to patch and paint almost all our ceilings, so that's one less worry!

By the end of the day there was:
Entirely framed and walled (and tyvexed) on all sides. The opposite side (which goes up against the already-existing roof) has been flashed and shingled up to the outside wall. Tomorrow the plumber comes (look--the shower stall was delivered!)
And the electrician is scheduled to come on Friday!

Here's the inside of that newest wall:
I think it's cool how you can see the previous roofline, and then the new one up against it. There will still be a line of edging so that the roof line remains the same as the front, but the wall goes directly above the current outside one for maximum space.

Here's the wall all the way on the other side of the bedroom, and the wonderful, big storage area we'll have:
They're actually a day and a half AHEAD of schedule (even after the cleanup yesterday), and will have time to put in a true door to that storage area and to change the steeply-slanted stairwell pictured here, will morph into a regular, straight stairwell!

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