Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 16

We had a few glitches today. The first glitch actually occurred last Friday when the contractor found out that they don't MAKE our current siding anymore (except by special order with over a month lead time). He talked us into going with vinyl in the same size, insisting that it'll be much easier to take care of anyway (and who wants to paint up that high?). We want to re-paint the rest of the house anyway, to tone down the pinkish color, so that's fine.

Turns out the color vinyl siding that we chose isn't in stock (2 week delay to order). He talked about a slightly lighter color, but we really didn't like that. Finally he was able to track down a different supplier that had about the same color that we first chose and it was delivered today. Supposedly it's a better brand, too (Alcoa). It's not bad :) Here it is in front of the Lannon Stone:

And here it is in front of the color our siding is currently painted (we have Lannon Stone on half; wood siding on the other half):

The other glitch involves the windows. It turns out that the windows only come standard in a single hung (which means the top is stationary and the bottom goes up and down), and we want a double-hung (so we can open the top OR bottom). So they are now a special order and won't be in for a week. The siding can't go on until the windows are in, so there's another delay.

The electrician came back and put up the housing for the fan/light in the bathroom:

And all those blue boxes yesterday? They all have wires running from them to the circuit downstairs now!

The framers came back and built us a closet (it's slightly over 2 feet wide and 6 1/2 feet long):

And they framed in the old door between "existing bedroom" and new bedroom:

The also cut a small door to get to the other storage area (forgot to take a picture).

Tomorrow the plumber comes back, and the inspector checks out the framing and electrical. I think the drywalling can start after that and then the tiling. Carpeting comes last.

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Abby said...

It seems like these things always come up, although they're still frustrating! i think the new siding color looks good and matches the old well.