Monday, April 02, 2007

Remodel: Half of Day 10 (or is it 6?)

After taking a week off due to weather, our contractor decided that we'd probably be waiting all month if we didn't get things started.

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day--clear skies, temps in the mid to high 60's, little to no wind--ideal.

So the framers came.

They arrived a bit after 9:00 am.

Around 10:00 am M. and I decided to go run some errands as the noise was getting increasingly louder. When we left, the back of the house looked like this:
When we came back a little over two hours later, the crew was eating lunch and the back of the house looked like this:YIKES!
That little door at the top of the stairs that looked like this:
and then like this:

Here's the same view at noon today:

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mamafitz said...

wow! it's cool to see the progress. hope the weather holds out for you a wee bit longer!