Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 26

It's a short day (everyone out by 2:00 pm) but lots done!

They replaced the one overly-black tile (see here) with one that matched better (covered in the picture below):
The electrician came and put in the ceiling vent/light:

and the light over the shower:

He installed the ceiling fan for over the bed:
and the plain light on the other side of the room (anyone else think it's a good idea that we replaced one of those lights with a ceiling fan? Would I want two of that style in a row?)

He hooked up the three integrated, electric smoke detectors (those are so cool--if even one of them goes off, all three go off)
And I wanted to try to show what a great job the drywallers did, tying in the new drywall to the old plaster. What used to be this:

is now this:

I know this isn't technically part of the remodel, but I am SO excited at how nice the "existing bedroom" has turned out.

Old (tile) ceiling and old (hideous, square) light:
New (drywalled) ceiling and new (cool track) light:
I also went back and re-worked the carpeting quote so I could get it ordered. Unfortunately, carpeting comes in 12 ft. wide rolls and our room is 14 ft. wide, so we have to pay for a LOT of waste carpet... That means that we couldn't afford the nicer carpet that we wanted, and had to downgrade to a slightly lighter gray. I hope it looks okay--it's still darker than the paint.

Tomorrow should be a really busy day. The windows came in, so the carpenters will be back to install them and finish the siding and put on the gutters. The electrician is coming back to wire the heaters and hook everything up to the box (so there's electricity going through all the new stuff) and the drywallers are coming back to do some patching, painting (touch-up upstairs and my ceilings downstairs) and then possibly even installing trim and doors! Oh, and the shower door guy will come to measure for the new shower door! The plumber will be here to finish everything up on Friday. It seems like it's FLYING now. wow!

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Abby said...

It's coming together so nicely, Lori. I had to laugh at your light comment. A friend of mine recently bought a house that had two of those in a row - she was planning on replacing them.