Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Groceries 4/24/07

I should start by saying that I did make a trip to Sendik's this week, as it was their anniversary sale. I spent a little over $24, but their receipts don't show original price, so I couldn't post savings. Still, they had butter at 2 lbs for $3, and pineapple for $2.49 and homemade brats for $1.99 a pound and many other things that must have saved me at least $15 and probably closer to $20. Oh, and I got an entry to win an iPod! :)

But last night was:

Total: $61.16
Savings: $28.78
Number of Items: 49
Pick N Save

best deals:
Free mini diet coke; Pillsbury garlic breadsticks reg. $2.39 for $1; lots of buy one, get one free items (buns, muffin mix, hot dogs, kiwi fruit, corn on the cob)

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