Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Remodel: Day 11--NOT a good one

It's only 9:30 am, but a lot has changed in twelve hours.

First of all, it rained--hard--for eight hours straight. The tarp over our partially-finished roof did NOT keep out this rain (perhaps some of it, but not enough).

We were woken a little after 1 am by a plunk-plunk-plunk sound. This sound was the rain that had entered the roof, saturated the upstairs subfloor, and pooled in between the subfloor and our plaster ceiling, but had found the weak/low points to escape.

Let me list everything that, right now, has been damaged. This is as much for my memory as anything else (since I've been up since 1 am bailing water), and it may not be a complete list as it's supposed to continue raining today until it changes to snow tonight.

Rain everywhere; we moved power tools into C's old bedroom (since it still has a "real" roof over it), then used buckets and towels to mop stuff up; not good enough; in addition to water everywhere in the new place, there's water all over the cork floor in the existing bedroom; there's also a trail of mud going up the stairwell from the dirty tarp being carted up to stop some of the damage;

Right now, no damage except for having the entire contents of my kitchen cupboards (food-wise) and a bunch of clean laundry, and all the kids' pictures piled so that you can't get around w/o going over the bed.
One of the first places to start dripping--in the doorway; water marks all over the ceiling
Tons of water dripping in doorway, splashing and staining (un-staining?) bathroom door; water running down main wall to floor; some peeling of paint on ceiling
Water stains all over the ceiling; small drips; carpeting trashed from tracking through water/muck mixture in kitchen KITCHEN
Water pouring out of both light fixtures; holes drilled in ceiling to release extra water pooling on plaster ceiling; up to an inch of water in some places on the floor; Kitchen cabinets flooded and food not in tupperware containers trashed; all cabinets emptied into bags and moved to my bedroom; all doorways have water pouring down them; water pouring through microwave and pooling under stove
water pouring from all outside walls and running into drain; dripping down plumbing and messing up things stored in the laundry room;

many ceiling tiles trashed; water pooled in light panels, causing panels to crash to floor with water; carpeting soaked all over;

more water leaking, some onto all the stuff we had stored there;

more ceiling tiles destroyed and carpet soaked; water between drywalled walls

I think that's it. The crew has arrived and the rain has stopped. Please, please send whatever vibes and thoughts you can that it continues to be dry so things can be cleaned up and closed up before tonight...


Rawmilkstar said...

OH no!! Oh how terrible! We just had a severe rain from out of nowhere and had lots of damage to items outdoors that were not protected (due to the fact we *rarely* get rain) so I can relate a bit to how awful. I mean it was awful ENOUGH that these things were outside but to have water running in your house and saturating the ceiling tiles... oh dear. I'm sorry. The workers must not have sealed the open roof good enough? Will you have any recourse? Bummer! *crosses fingers* that it stops raining. Hugs.

amy said...

awful! I'm so sorry... looks like things are getting dry now though? I hope!

mamafitz said...

my mom woke up to a stinky wet (as in standing water a few inches deep) basement. it sure did come down hard, didn't it? i'm glad it has cleared up, and everything is crossed that the workers get everything done (i saw them working when i drove by this afternoon).

New Mama said...

Oh, man! How awful. I was thinking of you last night during the storm. Our addition roof is apparently leaking...there are some water spots on the ceiling now. You are not the person to be complaining to, though.

Cindy said...

Oh no!!! That's awful! I hope the rain stays away till they get the new roof up. I'm sure glad we don't have any rain to worry about with our construction project.

Nicole said...

Wow, Lori, I had no idea it was as bad as it was! Good vibes are being sent your way that the rest of the project is smooth and uneventful!

Abby said...

OMG, Lori. That's awful. :( What did the crew have to say about the damage? Will you be compensated?