Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 11--some improvement

After my first post of today, I guess you could say there was nowhere to go but up!

The sun came out and my spirits improved greatly. A "clean-up" crew showed up; one dear friend loaned me a mop, and another brought me coffee.

By noon, everything (ftmp) was cleaned up and in the process of drying, and work had begun anew.

The rest of the OSB boards went up on the roof:

One whole side was built, and the other secured:
And by the end of the day there were THREE tarps securely attached before the workers left for the day:
Although some finger-crossing so that it doesn't rain tonight would be most appreciated!

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mamafitz said...

no rain, but boy is it COLD and windy! i hope your heater is able to keep the house somewhat warm. :)