Sunday, April 29, 2007

Remodel: Weekend Update

Lots to update!

First, the latest on the mold issue...
Our contractor is coming tomorrow (Monday) morning to lift up each subfloor board, suck out any remaining vermiculite, and spray (with mildicide) and clean each joist space. He is doing this himself--not trusting anyone else to do it (and I want to be there, making sure he's getting rid of everything). On Friday night, we ran the heaters upstairs, and we had the windows open all day and night on Saturday and Sunday (until the rain started to fall tonight), in hopes of drying out everything possible. It smells much better upstairs, but now I'm smelling mold/wet vermiculite in the hall outside the first floor bathroom! I sure hope they can reach it and get rid of it.

We started to do some of the work to put the rest of our house back together, since the majority of the remodel is now done.

They'd painted the walls in the stairwell, but not the trim:

So I painted that white (yes, I realized that I slopped all over the stairs, but they'll be carpeted, so it won't show)
In the stairwell we have this odd ridge... they painted the wall part, but not the ledge:
It's white now:
After numerous promises to put my linen closet back together, I got sick of having no room in my bedroom, so G. made me shelves, and I painted the inside:
And I got TONS of stuff out of my bedroom!
At the beginning of the weekend, the dining room was still looking like this:
I can't tell you how thrilled I am to return to this:
I even took the window apart, scrubbed the screens, and washed the windows inside and out! And, when re-stocking the linen closet, I found some sheets I never use that I'll turn into a nice, new valance. I'll have enough to make valances for the other two windows in the attached kitchen, too.

Unfortunately, no sooner did I get my dining room back, than I lost my kitchen! G. had been trying to fix the plumbing under the kitchen sink that involved the dishwasher. I got a phonecall while tutoring tonight, telling me that he was "in over his head" and that it was more than he could fix, so we needed to call a plumber. Unfortunately, the plumber isn't available until Tuesday, so that's a day and a half with no dishwasher and no kitchen sink to wash dishes by hand! I took a dishwasher's worth of dishes to my neighbors to wash, and I guess we'll do the paper and plastic for a day. UGH! Are we cursed when it comes to home repair and remodeling?

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