Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sock-Hops, New Hair, Sock-Pals & Bulbs...

First of all, I'll start with my last Girl Scout Sock Hop as a Girl Scout leader! (unless, of course, I end up being a leader for M.... let's not think about that!) C. took some friends to Culver's (for burgers--just like in the 50's!) beforehand:

Here's a picture of C's troop at the end of the Sock Hop (They had so much fun and were very sad that this would be their last Sock Hop. Someone said that they wished there were sock hops in middle school and I reminded them that, starting next year, they'd have real dances--with boys! That was met with a mix of excitement and disgust...)

A bit about me...

As usual, I live in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction with my hair. In this latest round, I have tired of my straight, dull hair and I'm frustrated with all the hair I've been losing as I age. So here's a picture of me a week ago, followed by a picture of me after my perm:

Not a matter of fact, in usual fashion, I immediately declared that I would never get another perm in my life! But it DOES look thicker...

We just got back from our "Spring Break" trip. While everyone else goes somewhere warm and South for Spring Break, we headed North as usual. After four days in Northern Wisconsin, we joined G. at his Department meeting in Central Wisconsin! At least there was a pool at the hotel we stayed in. :)

While on vacation in Hurley, I went in search of something fun to include in my Sock Pal's package. I am lucky enough to have a Sock Pal who lives in another country, which is really fun, but it also means that I need to mail her socks ASAP... Anyway, I went to Art Unlimited, which is a sportswear company (they print most of the advertising type shirts you find from Budweiser to specific vacation spot shirts...) and found the coolest sweatshirt that I hoped matched the socks I knit. It even says "Wisconsin"! Tell me what you think:

Oh, and while we were gone, my bulbs started to bloom! All the grape hyacinths are blooming, the daffodils are up, and even my first tulips have opened!

That's all for now. The kids go back to school tomorrow and that gives me a chance to get things somewhat back to normal--or at least routine!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Quick Little Post

How is it that nothing exciting has been going on lately, and yet I'm insanely busy?

OK, first things first:
C. got her own blog! You can check it out if you'd like.

Both C. and T. auditioned for parts in the Children's Choir for Evita at a local community theater. We should hear if they got in by Thursday.

I have not knit much for the last few weeks. I have, however, been stocking up on wool to make felted purses. So at some point I'll get going on the actual knitting of said purses.

M. has learned what it is that three-year-olds actually do. That is, my other two woke up on their third birthdays and became utterly unreasonable people. Three was a very hard year! I had forgotten when T. turned three, but was braced all along for when M. turned three. Then I kidded myself into believing that, since she'd been a difficult 2YO that three wasn't going to be so bad. And for 2 1/2 months that was true. However, this week she has decided that she should be contradictory--about EVERYTHING. Let me just say that I'm tired!

And with that, I'm heading out to tutor (have a daytime student who is homebound) and I will attempt to find something interesting to post about in the near future. Either that, or I will just put lots of pictures... OH! That reminds me... I can trade in my cell phone for a new one. I'm thinking of getting a camera phone if for no other reason than to be able to post strange pics on my blog. How sad is *my* life? :)