Friday, April 13, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 19

The plumber finished the plumbing on BOTH sides of the shower for the dial and shower head. Here's the right:

and the left:

And here's the outside of the house after the soffit and fascia was finished:

A close-up:
And the J-block (???) on the side of the house:
This doesn't show much, but here's the inside of the rafters--now closed off so no animals can crawl in :) and it is AMAZING how much warmer it is already!
Finally, a last look at the paper ceiling in the "existing bedroom:

Our contractor pulled out one tile and I asked if we could remove it ourselves (thus saving some of the drywall expense), so that's our weekend fun!


suzee said...

Wow! It's just flying along! It's going to be so great.

Hows the drywall fun goin?

Abby said...

I can't believe how quickly it's all going, and also how much you're doing in addition. Why the two sides to the shower - will it have 2 shower heads?