Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 27

Lots of finishing work today!

Two of the three windows are in! Unfortunately, for the third one, we needed a 30x36 window, and they made a 36x30 window, so it'll be about two weeks before that one gets put in and therefore before the siding is finished. Inside view:
Outside view:Here's a shot from farther away:

You can see how the new siding is darker than the original, so we'll definitely be painting this summer.

Here's the door into the storage area, and into the bathroom:And the closet doors:

And the tile is grouted:
Finally, all the cracks that opened up after the water leaking (and some that were there before) were taped and mudded today:
Tomorrow should be most of the rest of the finishing.

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