Monday, February 05, 2007

The Remodel--the finances

Well, we had our "finalizing" meeting with the remodelers. As I'd feared, the finances didn't work out as well as I had hoped. But I do need to look at things in the proper perspective...

*We entered this project with a dollar amount in mind.
*Our final cost is $5000 less than that dollar amount.
*We're getting a bigger room than we'd thought.
*We're getting to keep the existing bedroom, making it a 4 BR house instead of a 3BR house.
*We are also getting two new windows on the first floor--to replace the HUGE picture windows that currently make us feel like we live in a fishbowl.
*We really, really, really like the whole design/floor plan.
*(most of) The uncertainty of things has been removed, as we have a final price and final design.
*We actually have (approximately) $5000 dollars to use on other home improvements--from new bedding and towels, etc. in the addition to some other house projects that we'd really like to do.

And I'll skip over the part that had me hoping that we had $10,000 to play with :)


mamafitz said...

how exciting, though i don't envy you living through remodeling. we were lucky enough to have the bathrooms redone BEFORE we moved in. :)

Abby said...

Overall this sounds really good - and $5,000 to spend on fun stuff is very nice! Think how much that will get you at Target!