Friday, February 23, 2007

A Plat of Survey

I was pretty excited about the remodeling going along so swimmingly :) C's room is starting to be boxed up and cleaned out. I'm tossing things left and right (it's so liberating!) and our contractor had a Tuesday appointment scheduled with the Village inspector in preparation for the meeting of the Architechtural Review Board (ARB) on March 6th.

Well, the first glitch was when the inspector had to stay home with a sick kid on Tuesday. So our contractor's meeting was rescheduled for Thursday. Then our contractor called on Thursday to tell us that when they were going through the forms to be filed, it was discovered the that plat of survey that is on file for our land is dated 1955, and includes an outline of "proposed house"! oops...

So I spent over two hours calling all over to try to find a surveyor at a decent price (I can't believe how a couple hundred dollars here and there is adding up). I found that surveyors in the metro Milwaukee area would all do the exact same thing (locate the corner posts and/or replace them if they are missing or damage, and then complete a plat of survey for our less-than-quarter-acre lot) for anywhere from $300 to $800. Yeah, we chose the $300 one. Of course, that's just an estimate, so I have no doubt that there will be something odd about our lot which will drive up the price.

But supposedly he'll have it done next week, so that will be before the ARB meets.

(breathe, breathe, breathe.... I know it's only going to get more stressful!)

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