Thursday, February 08, 2007

Decorating the new room(s)

Having never worked with a remodeler before (we've done a lot of work on our house, but *we* have done it all), I'm a bit panicked about all the choosing of materials we'll have to do. A very wise IRL friend suggested a few weeks ago that I should pick out new bedding so that I have a color scheme to work from. This is, of course, a really good idea, since I'm definitely not planning to match the addition to our bought-on-clearance- -and-made-of-nice-materials-but-omg-it's-bright-and-tropical-and-not-me current bedding set.

We decided to go with a black/white/gray theme. Our downstairs bathroom has fixtures that are somewhere between pink and orange, and just plain hideous. No matter what, I want the tub, toilet and sink to be white. But at least we chose a color scheme.

It took a long time to even find bedding that was black/white/gray. Then it took longer to find bedding in those colors that wasn't 50% or more polyester (yuck). Finally, it took even longer to find bedding I liked that wasn't insanely expensive. I found this set at Kohl's that I fell in love with:
I love the geometric idea (no flowers for me) and the touch of neon lime green is awesome! But the comforter alone is $180---on SALE! egads...

Finally I found two simpler comforters at Target--one in black, white and gray stripes, reversing to solid black:

And one in solid black, reversing to solid gray, with white piping on the edges:I even picked up the coordinating paisley sheets to go with both. However, every time I went to Kohl's, I was drawn in by the first set and the neat lime green accents. This week Kohls sent me an email advertising free shipping on a purchase over $50 and I located a 10% off coupon to use online, so I ordered just the sheet set. Here's a close-up of just the sheets:

I haven't received them yet, and I'm not sure which comforter from Target I'll keep (I welcome opinions!), but I love the idea. I figure I can maybe pick up the throw pillow from this set (it's currently $20 on SALE) if it gets marked down and if not, I can easily enough sew a lime green throw pillow.

I was even more excited to find, at Target, a set of towels, a carpet, and a shower curtain in solid lime green, with a geometric (squares) pattern on the trim.We're thinking dark gray tile on the bathroom floor and light gray walls--same or slightly different from the gray walls (with gray carpet) in the bedroom. We can use the lime green accent now (nothing permanently lime green) but can do any other accent colors just by changing towels or whatever. I have always loved red with black and white (our wedding colors!) and I also saw a neat set with hot pink and black and white.

I'll write about my progress on the girls' new room tomorrow...


Abby said...

I like the color scheme - I really love that comforter at Kohls - but yikes on the price! I think you came up with a great compromise, and I'd go with the plain black comforter from Target to go with those sheets.

Stefaneener said...

I'd go with the Kohls -- here's my total non-cheapskate side -- but if it's something you use all the time, it's better to love one than get two you're not thrilled with.

And I really like the idea of accenting with an easily-changed color. You can go with the seasons!