Monday, February 26, 2007

Dar Williams

I'm trying to remember when my mom first introduced me to Dar Williams. I know it was before M. was born because I attended my second Dar concert while pregnant with M. Anyway, my mom learned about her because Joan Baez (my mom's alltime favorite singer/songwriter) did a Dar Williams song when my mom saw her (Joan Baez) in concert. We've been fans for a LONG time!

About 6 weeks ago, a dear IRL friend mentioned that Dar was coming to a small local venue, the Pabst Theater. This friend is an "insider" and got ticket pre-sale information. So I signed up as an insider and also got a pre-sale code. I talked to my mom and she said she could come down for the concert, and would take me for my birthday gift. So I logged on the day that the tickets went on sale and scored FRONT ROW tickets!

Unfortunately, this awful blizzard was predicted for this weekend (it ended up to be not-so-bad) and Mom had to cancel her trip down. HOWEVER, that meant that C. got to go to the concert with me. It was last night.

Here's how close we were to the stage (cell phone pics--forgive the quality):
My neck actually got sore because we were so close!

The opening act was a wonderful singer/songwriter from Minneapolis named Brianna Lane. I'm seriously considering getting one of her CD's... She stood right in front of us and joked with C. and I during the set ("can you see up my dress from there?").

And then Dar came on...

She talked to C. several times during the concert, asking how old she was, and taking requests. (C. first suggested a song off Dar's first tape, but Dar told her to choose something from the last decade and then C. chose "Echoes").

I'm not sure that I remember them all, but she played:
Calling the Moon
The Beauty of the Rain
Teen for God (with a very funny intro about her religious teen phase)
The One Who Knows (written for Vince Gill and Amy Grant)
Mercy of the Fallen
Blue Light of the Flame (written in memory of a friend of hers who died)
Iowa (duet with Brianna Lane)
We Learned the Sea
If I Wrote You
After All
Comfortably Numb (which I didn't like on the album, but LOVED live)

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New Mama said...

Wow, that's awesome! I hope to take Henry to concerts some day...heck, I hope to go to concerts again some day!

Glad you had fun!

amy said...

oooh, jealous, meeee, greeen.