Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Photos pre-remodel

Several people requested before pictures, so here goes (along with explanations)...

Here's the stairs, heading up (notice the slanted roof and a big door on the left and a smaller door on the right):

If you turn left at the top of the stairs, you enter "existing bedroom", aka C's room. This is a picture looking out her bedroom door (you can see the small door mentioned earlier):
Here we are in her room, showing the heavily-slanted roof/ceiling, as well as the door to her closet (open--will disappear in the remodel) and the door (closed) to the unfinished attic.

Now we're in the unfinished attic. Here's looking out the door, into C's room. This door will move somewhat to the left, as this area will become our bathroom and the toilet will be placed right where that door is!

If you turn slightly to your right, you'll see the slanty roof, which is the part that will be popped up in the remodel. This area will be the large part of our master bedroom, and will be where the bed will go. There will be a wall in this area separating the bathroom from the bedroom.

If you continue turning to the right, you'll see this corner, which has a bit of a jog. The roof will be raised only as far as the first wall, but that will leave room for a "short" linen closet here, just outside the bathroom and accessible from the master bedroom.

And this area is right where our whirlpool tub will go:

Here's another part of the slanty roof--continuing the pivot to the right--on the other side of the roof. Nothing will be done to this part of the roof/attic, but it will make excellent storage space when we lay down some flooring.

Let's go back to the top of the stairs. Here's that small door on the right:

You can see just how tiny it is and how severely the roof slopes at the top of the stairs:

When you open that tiny door, you see:

(this is currently where I keep the kids' gifts and wrapping paper and other similar things. That'll have to find a new home, as this area, once the roof is bumped up, will be home to our closet (long and NOT walk-in) and a sitting area... three windows facing east, plus comfy seats, books, knitting and sewing materials...

If I can figure out a way to upload the picture I have of the floor plan (it's in .tif format), I'll include that, too.

C's room will stay as it is, for the most part, except for losing her closet. I'm thinking we might turn that room into an office/guest room and move the futon from the basement up. The floor in there is cork (which I can't stand) but it would be nice for an office, I think. I also am happy to know that that part of the roof, which we replaced, as well as those windows, which we replaced, will not be touched.

When I get a chance, I'll post about my decorating ideas. I've chosen a color scheme and it's been fun to shop for stuff!

UPDATE: Abby was sweet enough to scan in the plans as a .jpg! Click to make the drawing bigger:


mamafitz said...

nice! look into a whirlpool tub that uses air to make the bubbles (instead of sucking in water from an intake valve and circulating it). then you aren't as limited with bath stuff. we can't use anything that has oils in it.

i love our tub, but we don't nearly use it as much as i thought (it was GREAT while pregnant). partly that's because connor is scared of the bubbles, and partly because just how often do i get a moment to take a bath alone without someone (whether it be kids or dh) asking to join me?

in regards to closets, the container store puts their elfa systems on sale every january. i LOVE LOVE LOVE mine. home depot (and target i think) have closet maid, which is very similar.

Abby said...

The photos make it much easier to picture the remodel. Thanks for posting!

Cindy said...

Looks like a lot of work! I'm sure it will be very worth it in the end. We are still waiting to start our addition/remodel project. Hopefully it will get going next month.