Saturday, February 24, 2007

How timely!

The front-page article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is about remodeling costs and return in the Milwaukee area. The article states that remodeling costs more in the metro Milwaukee area than anywhere else in the North Central US and, actually, in the entire country! Homeowners also get less of a return with any remodeling than anywhere else.

The "good" news?

Well, first of all, it's more expensive here because we have more stringent permit-application regulations and so we have the best contractors.

Secondly, we're not remodeling to make money when we sell (we're in this house for the duration!)

Thirdly, the mean price for a master suite addition in the area is listed at $101,000. We're spending way less than that!

So it's not all bad...

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Stefaneener said...

It's always hard to read stuff and think about where you are. It seems as though you're making really good choices.

Maybe if we have to move for work, looking for a planning job there would make sense ; )