Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The curtains are done!

I finished them today. They need to be steamed to get out some wrinkles (I'm actually hoping that just hanging will get rid of them, but...), but they are done and hung!


Project Spectrum: 1 item done
New Remodel: 8th item done
Sanity: Slowly returning (oh, please don't make me sew anything else!)


mamafitz said...

great job! now you should open them and take scrap fabric or strips of rags and loosely tie them in a few places so that the folds get 'memorized' (it might also be called 'training'). i can give you some scrap tomorrow. i can show you what i mean tomorrow as well.

Abby said...


Rawmilkstar said...

Wow, those are neat!! I couldn't really understand what you are doing (illness sucking out my brains) but it looks great!

suzee said...