Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Progress on February's sweater

I had some time last night and today to work on my February sweater (vest). I finished the bottom ribbing and I've started the front, with two stripes so far:

And the back continues in K3P3 ribbing all the way up, so it's fitted:

I'm struggling a bit with knitting in the round and striping only the front, but I hope it'll be okay. Once I get to the split for the neck, I'll no longer be working in the round, so that should be fine, too.


Anonymous said...

It's looking very good. I bet it's nice to knit with too.

I cannot leave a comment!


Marina said...

Looks great! Love the colour.

Carol said...

Looks nice!!
You might consider knitting the stripes in the round as well. Here ( is a link about jogless striping. Jaqueline Fee's Sweater Workshop has info on how to knit back and forth in the round, though that sounds like a contradiction.