Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Saving money feels so good...

I hadn't done a lot of money saving lately (other than buying most of the stuff for our new bedroom and then getting price adjustments when it went on sale), so today was a nice surprise.

The big deals of the day:

Poor M., as the third child, doesn't get a lot of brand new clothing. But I found two turtlenecks and a pair of way-cute pants.

check out my savings:
The whole thing for under $6, including tax!

Pretty good timing, too, since our record-breaking 80 degree temps of yesterday have become temps in the 40's today. We walked into Target at 65 and calm, then walked out to 45 and very windy.


New Mama said...

Wow! Especially on the Old Navy deals.

We went to Target today, too! Weird weather, huh?

Nicole said...

I think I need to haul a$$ to Old Navy!

I'd love a shopping trip with you. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

give DealTaker a try. they've got some great deals there.. Maybe not a 47 cent shirt everyday, but I've seen some show up like that!