Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kitchen reorganization

I do a modified FlyLady, which means that I usually only get the daily missions. However, last night I got an email titled "Cost of a Kitchen Makeover--Priceless" and I read it. One of the themes was the importance of clearing off counters and other level spaces, making your kitchen less cluttered. I've done a pretty good job of this (and it makes a HUGE difference!) but there was one area--near my stove--that wasn't great. I thought about it last night and came up with a way to un-clutter it.

So here's the stove area BEFORE:

And the cabinet area near my stove BEFORE:

And the pantry BEFORE:

I cleared some space in the pantry, moved the cookbooks from the cabinet near the stove to the pantry, dropped a shelf in the cabinet near the stove, and put the stuff from the counter top into the cabinet. The AFTER pictures:
A nice bonus is that my onions and potatoes are no longer in the same location (pantry) so there will hopefully be less sprouting!

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mamafitz said...

looks great! come and do my kitchen? ;) i don't think i could reach those cookbooks up there.