Friday, March 02, 2007

More Remodel Stuff

Not too much to share, although it's getting more and more real!

We got our plat of survey:

(I figure if it cost me $300, I'm going to get some use out of it! lol...)

See what a tiny lot we have? And how our fence is encroaching on the neighbors' yard by 5 inches? oops...

We also had the Village Building Inspector come by to videotape our house for the Architechtural Review Commission's meeting Tuesday night. And he left this beautiful sign for our yard:

I'm assuming it's so that our neighbors can know that we're planning to add on and can complain if they want. Luckily we have wonderful neighbors who are well-informed about all that we want to do and are fine with it!

I also spoke to a friend who is just finishing up his remodel (so he's been through all this stuff about 6 months ahead of us) and he said that if the ARC approves the request, the building permit can be picked up the next day! So now we're potentially looking at starting on wednesday, March 7th! Yikes.... (and Yippee!!)

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