Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My daughter is twelve!

Here's what a twelve year old looks like:

And here's what a twelve year old ACTS like:


Because of a crazy-busy day/night today, we celebrated C's birthday last night.
She got a pretty cool collection of gifts.

From M, the DVD Happy Feet:

From T, an I-CY:

From her parents, the outfit she's wearing today:
The sweater that I knit for her:
A jump drive for transferring files between school and home, a book on snakes:
and (the biggie) her own cell phone:
She then spent most of the evening talking on the phone :)
If any of you want to give her a call to wish her Happy Birthday, just email me to get her cell phone number.


Abby said...

Those are some cool presents! Happy Birthday!

New Mama said...

Great gifts (LOVE the sweater)! Happy birthday C!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Stefaneener said...

So you got away with just a book about snakes? We have that book -- it's just great. Happy birthday!

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