Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 1

Before the plumber arrived, the attic floor looked like this:

See the floor board closest to the doorway? The one that's still there? He immediately ripped that up. Right now we have:
The pipe going down, on the left, is the main drain into the sewer. As you slide right, you'll see:
a split off, that will go to drain the shower and sink, and on the far right, the toilet hole! Whoopee! We have an opening for the toilet to drain! :)

However, before all that, connections needed to be made. The main drain in the basement was cut and split:
This is a Very Good Thing as we previously had NO access to this sewer pipe and if our sewer backed up, the only way to fix it would be to cut the pipe open. Now there's a handy little access port!

The new drain pipe runs to the right, across the laundry room and then along the I-beam in the basement, and then up through the floor:

Where it enters the corner of my linen closet:
And continues upward to the attic (see above):
Tomorrow they put in the water pipes!

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