Saturday, March 24, 2007

Remodel: So where's everything fitting?

For the remodel, we've had to empty the entire second floor. The most important "thing" we had to move was C!
All three kids are snugly packed into T's room:
T. is on the top bunk; C. on the bottom bunk, and M. on the mattress tucked into the corner. Here's C.'s dresser:
And T. and M.'s dressers:
It's a tight squeeze and we've had to stagger bedtimes, but so far, so good (of course it's only been five nights so far...)

As for the "stuff" that was in storage in the attic, some of it was squeezed into our storage room in the basement:

Some of it was tucked into the laundry room (note the drain pipe on the right--intact before the plumber came):Quite a bit of it went into G.'s workshop here:

and here:

but the majority of it is in the basement rec room:

There are actually more boxes there now as well as an extra boxspring as we had to pack up C's room entirely.

And then, of course, came the emptying of my linen closet. All those contents are currently in my bedroom:

making moving around the bedroom virtually impossible without using the bed as a launchpad! :)

Such fun...


New Mama said...

Oh, man, I thought moving to a new house was a hassle! We've finally contained our box hell to the basement, and you're living it all over!

Stefaneener said...

It's such a hard little bit of time. But then there will be more room, and nice room, and you can do all the box moving again. . .