Monday, March 26, 2007

Remodel: End of Day 5

We've had the strangest weather here in Milwaukee. Yesterday the official high temp (at the airport) was 79 degrees! That blew the old record (72) out of the water. So far today, our thermometer has reached 84 (not sure what the "official" temp is, though). Unfortunately, the forecast has nothing but rain in it for the next five days. The remodelers need at LEAST two days (preferably three) to tear off and frame the addition, so that means that the project's mostly on hold for a week. :(

The drywaller is coming on Wednesday or Thursday to (hopefully) drywall my linen closet on the first floor so I can unload some of the junk in my bedroom. We also had delivered today this HUMONGOUS dumpster:

So it at least looks like we're doing something!

And we went to the Realtor's Home and Garden show this weekend and got some information on attic fans (since our HVAC will not reach to the upstairs and I'm a bit concerned about just having a window AC unit) as well as tub re-surfacing (which seems much more reasonable than the acrylic tub liners).


New Mama said...

Oh! I was JUST TODAY thinking about attic fans/whole house fans. I'll be interested to hear what you decide to do.

mamafitz said...

cool! can i come and toss stuff in your dumpster? LOL