Thursday, March 29, 2007


I did quite a bit of finishing this week. First was the pair of socks knit from yarn that my swap buddy sent me way back in for Dye-O-Rama. Here's the post sharing the yarn and here's the post stating that I'd STARTED the socks. Well, they're done--and only 9 1/2 months later! That's longer than it takes to grow a baby....

I also wanted to finish up the squiggle scarf that I'd started months ago, because I wanted to squeeze it into Project Spectrum's Blue, Gray and White section (which ends on Saturday).


Finally, a picture of the 12 year old wearing the sweater I knit for her birthday:

(please note that all items have at least some blue in them, qualifying me for Project Spectrum)


Delana said...

Oh my, she looks fantastic in that sweater. She doesn't look 12 at all in that clingy top! Aren't you the lucky one with a daughter who lets you knit for her. I see all those cute patterns that I'm just too old for and my daughter won't wear them because they're knitted.

Love the colors in the socks too.

Rawmilkstar said...

WOW! Love that sweater!! Such beautiful socks! Green with envy, yet again!

Stefaneener said...

Great socks, great sweater. I can't believe how much you're knitting!

desdemona said...

Oh, how cool! The socks look great, as does everything else. Long socks always take for ever to knit, don't they?