Friday, July 07, 2006

The SockapalOOOza socks arrived!!!

(apologies to those of you reading this twice, but I think the original post was messing up things....)

Remember these socks? The ones I posted about here when I was sure they'd disappeared forever? Well, I got an email from my sock pal Kristel saying that they arrived!!!!!

I'm so happy. Though I like the "savior socks" I'd started, they didn't compare to what I'd originally sent.


sewingsuzee said...

Yaaaaaaaay! The post has appeared AND it's got great news. That's fantastic!

Kristel must send a photo of herself in socks and sweatshirt (and some pants, probably, too...)

Cindy Minear said...

YEAH!!!! I'm so glad to hear that they finally showed up!

Stefaneener said...

That's GREAT! I hate it when they disappear and then vaguely pop up.

I'm so glad for you -- I just want to jig up and down. Would it be too early to hint 9 minths in advance that I would probably really like a pair of socks for my birthday. How does California honey or olive oil sound for a trade?

amy said...

that's excellent! What a relief.

Kristel said...

There will be a Sockapaloooza update on my blog tomorrow (Monday 10th) and I promise to write a bit in English too this time. ;)