Thursday, July 06, 2006

Turning 3 1/2

Today is M's Three-and-a-half birthday. I don't remember exactly when we started celebrating half birthdays (not a BIG celebration--we often go out to eat and I bake a "half cake"--one round one that's cut in half and layered to look like half a regular cake...), but the kids LOVE them. Here's the half birthday girl:

She had a big day today. NO CAVITIES at the dentist! (she'd had three in January) And her last day of her first-ever session of gymnastics (she couldn't get in in spring). Some pics from that:

In the "pit"
straddle on the bar
balance beam (her fave), walking backwards

Each of my kids has done a few summers' worth of gymnastics and never progressed very far. But they've each had a few weeks of fun. M, though, has ADORED gymnastics, and her teacher (Miss Sarah), and all the stuff they play on. She walks into the gym, starts bouncing with excitement, and doesn't stop until we're home! I though she was doing pretty well in class, but I was still surprised when she got her end-of-session "award" which stated that she should register with the four year olds--preferably in the session that starts on MONDAY! I'm torn, as things were going to wind down as far as summer activities go, but she is having SO much fun... I have to sleep on this and think about it ;) Amy, former gymnast, what do you think?


mamafitz said...

the gymnastics is great, isn't it? you could always do the gymnastics camp in august -- calvin loves that.

sewingsuzee said...

Balancing your family's needs with one child's wants...always a struggle!

She's adorable, and I love the half cake.

Your posts are dropping down the page again, btw. :-(

Abby said...

I love the gymnastics pics - she does look like she's having so much fun. I can't believe how big she's getting - I hope I can meet her before she grows up! The half cake is a great idea.