Thursday, July 13, 2006

What a milestone!

We hadn't measured C. since her birthday in March, but after about the fifth person said "she looks tall!" we decided to do it. And in just over 3 months, she's grown an inch and a half (she's 4'10")! The milestone? She can finally ride in the car without a booster!

Much excitement...

However, I then did some research and realized that it's not "backseat until age 12" but actually "backseat for 12 and under". Darnit! I was hoping we'd be able to actually take the small car more often when she turned twelve... {sigh}


Stefaneener said...

Funny how they spring up on you. I just read a study that said backseat was safest until 15 or so, not to rain on your parade .. . something about bone density and maturity.

And, as far as you liking MDK because it's "recipes" rather than patterns, I'm perfectly able to mess up a non-pattern design too. Just my special talent!

C looks so big.

Dar said...

Rain at 12 was 5'5", I think... she'd been in the front for years. Sometimes I think that the added risks of riding in the front are so minicule that the benefits of more interaction with your kid outweighs them... that was my take, anyway. She did ride in a booster until she was 5 feet tall, but I think for her that was 9.