Saturday, July 22, 2006

MDK ballband trio and nine-patch

I finished these last week, but am just posting now. Notice the trio (blue, purple, pink) of rotating colors. :)
I have been knitting like crazy, trying to finish up some UFO's (oh, and I did a buttonhole bag in there, too. As soon as I can find my zippered pillow case, I'll felt it and post pics). I want to start on a mitered square throw (or, if I get really inspired, I'll make a full-sized one for T's bed (he'll move to a full-sized bed when we re-do the upstairs next year). I have quite a bit of cheap acrylic gunk, but if I make it into a duvet to put over the down comforter, it might look really cool...

Oh, I also finished the 9-patch warshcloth featured on MDK. I made it before the revised pattern and I also had always made my SSK's by slipping stitches purlwise. At any rate, my miters don't look like Kay's, but it's kinda cool anyway, I think. More curvy miters ;) My modification was to do seed stitch for the center square, in hopes that it wouldn't have an obvious direction when done. Then I tried and tried to find someone to show me how to crochet an edge on the warshcloth (I don't seem to learn well from a book) and I finally winged it. It's not beautiful, but it'll do for my dishes! :)

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Stefaneener said...

Washcloths. . . better you than me! I can't believe all the things you're learning. You go, girl!