Thursday, July 20, 2006

No camp pictures today

I'm assuming this is when they're away from camp--sleeping in a teepee. I'm a bit frightened, as there were supposed to be severe storms last night. ugh...

Grandma and Grandpa got a postcard from C. It said they were learning how to tip the canoe! I assume so that they knew how to get back in it, if it happened to tip! (I sure hope so--lol!)

UPDATE: we got a postcard! The contents, verbatim (well, names changed to protect the friends):

Dear Mom, Dad, T. and M.,
I have been having a great time at camp! M1 & I have alredy refound black berry trail! M2 is loving camp. K. has found out she's afrade of bugs. We had mackaroni-chese for dinner.

cranky c.


Rawmilkstar said...

Freudian slip? "I'm a *big* frightened..." and your blog outline is wonky again. I suspect the last picture you uploaded because it's extra wide. Try resizing it a couple of inches smaller prior to uploading it. Wonky = blank space forever before we see any text.

Rawmilkstar said...

Yay! You fixed the picture thing. :-)

sewingsuzee said...

Mackaroni-chese is really a better spelling than the original. Smart girl.