Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mom and Dad have a *real* date!

And C. babysat a l-o-n-g time...

Last night G. and I went to Summerfest (without kids) for the first time in twelve years! When we were kidless, we'd go to Summerfest several times each year. We'd bike down from our cool East Side apartment and get in free with whatever promotion was going on at the time and then we'd see great bands for free! (The best was front-row for The Smithereens...) One of C's friend's moms works for Summerfest and she gave us free passes (and a free parking pass), so it was almost like a flashback to the freebie days!

We got to see Pat McCurdy (a FULL set!), Willy Porter and Guster. All three were awesome... We also got to eat our favorite 'Fest food: Saz's Appetizer Sampler (mozarella marinara, deep-fried cheese curds and sour cream and chive fries {sigh}). And we realized just how old we are! Our feet, knees and backs just can't handle that much standing on picnic tables anymore.

We left home shortly after 4:00 pm and got home a bit before 1:00 am. C. had all the kids in bed, asleep. She said that she'd laid down with M. until she fell asleep and then left her, but she was worried about leaving her alone, so she went back in and carried her into bed so she could be with C. in case she woke up. Awww... You can't ask for sisterly love like that. :)

Now, however, I'm exhausted. How did we used to do this night after night? Oh, yeah... We were 15 years younger! :)

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sewingsuzee said...

WOW! My oldest is 14 and we STILL haven't had a night out like that. But I'm not sure I could make it to 1am, anyway.

Sounds like a great time...we used to love The Smithereens, too!