Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blogger Categories & Menu planning

Quick post...

I just spent this afternoon/evening setting up categories and categorizing all my posts so far! RawMilkStar set up this really cool tutorial. Now I won't feel as much of a need to separate all my posts. I had to laugh as how (by far) the most posts I've written are about knitting and how there are hardly any about saving money (which is what I initially set my blog up to post about!).

Secondly, I got an idea yesterday to put something new on my blog. I was thinking of posting menus, recipes, and (sometimes) pictures of what I make for supper most nights. I know that I am often at a loss for meal ideas and I also know what a great hit some blogs like Vegan Lunchbox are. Not sure if I'll do it, but I took pictures of our last two meals just in case I do.

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