Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Favorite "bind off loosely" method???

I'm working madly on finishing some projects this week so I can start some new ones (there IS a limit to the number of projects I can comfortably have going at once!). I am all but done with a pair of socks that are knit (at this point) in K2P2 ribbing. They've been knit toe-up (of course) and I don't want to ruin the whole sock by binding off too tightly. So I'm looking for favorite/best ways to "bind off loosely".

I appreciate all input! :)


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Splindarella said...

I love Elizabeth Zimmermann's cast on/cast off (also known as sewn) method. I'm not sure how to describe it properly -- it really helps to be able to see photos or drawings. Basically, once you've finished your last knitted row, cut your yarn about 3 times the length of your knitted edge. Thread the yarn through a blunt needle and insert it front to back into the stitch next to the end stitch. Bring the needle out the last stitch back to front. Don't snug things up too tightly and make sure you always draw your yarn up from under the stitch you make. Repeat across the row. You should wind up with a neat row of stitches binding off your knitting; if you've kept the tension even without being overly snug, you'll have a stretchy bind off that maintains its shape. Hope this helps!