Monday, June 04, 2007

Remodel: The *%$#@& Windows

I've posted before about the mess we've run into regarding the salesman who took $7000 from us and has yet to deliver on our picture windows.

Last week Tuesday, I got this email from the salesman:

>Our responsibility with your windows ends with
> payment in full. While we
> typically pay 1/2 down and 1/2 upon completion with
> all builders, we
> are making an exception in your situation by sending
> final balance
> prior to completing the job. We are doing this
> because you should be dealing
> directly with (window company). It's just a scheduling issue
> between you. We have no
> control over when windows show up or about the
> schedule of (window company) 's crew.
> (window company)'s outstanding reputation for Sunrooms and four
> season rooms underscores
> (window company)'s ability to provide quality window replacement.
> As always, we expect that (window company)
> will live up to his reputation and your
> expectations by delivering what
> (window company) promises. The only time that Homeowners will need
> to contact us is if
> this doesn't happen.
> (window company) should give you the warranties on the windows
> and provide you with a
> Lien Waiver upon completion as is standard practice.
> Let me know if I can help further.

So I asked about the remaining payment due and was told:

>The balance was mailed yesterday. I wil verfy the check number with you tomorrow.

Of course I never received the check number.

Today I called the window company and was told that no second check had ever arrived.

Not knowing what best to do next, I looked in the blue pages of the phone book under "District Attorney" and found that they have a consumer fraud division. I called and they are mailing me a form to fill out and file. I have no idea if I need to pay filing fees or if anything will come of this, but it's a start.

And I swear, if I ever see this salesman in person, I will be hard-pressed to not let loose a string of obscenities...

Major advice to all who are considering remodeling: please go on references from people you know--you may think you're saving money, but guess what? it just might cost you even more in the long run (not to mention not getting what you expect).

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Abby said...

It sounds like they have their standard line all figured out. :( I'm glad you're filing a complaint and will keep my fingers crossed that you get your windows or your money back.