Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Juice Fast, Take 2

Day 1
June 25
wt: 154 in AM
Started day feeling yucky in general--all clothing very tight; stomach issues; crankiness ;)

drank Trader Joe's Blueberry Estates organic juice and water all day;
1 double "shot" of olive oil, laced with hot sauce and balsamic vinegar

Day 2
June 26
wt: 149 in AM
Started day with bit of a headache and feeling overall good, but sticky! Was cold last night in bed;
Headache started about 10 am, worsened in afternoon; overall day went much faster/smoother, as I really kept busy (painting downstairs bathroom; getting ready for T's birthday party); Made pot of IA Ginger Lemongrass tea and drank that (caffeinated--hoping it would help the headache); finally took 2 motrin for headache--much better! ate half an avocado at lunchtime; added vegetable blend juice (from Trader Joe's) in afternoon; feeling pretty good at bedtime

Day 3
June 27
wt: 146 in AM
Started day exhausted due to sleepover party (maybe 6 hours sleep--if that); immediately drank 2 glasses of juice and felt better, but may need caffeine today
Fell off the wagon at 10 am bigtime--snagging a cup of coffee and a piece of birthday cake. We'll see how much that final day helped last time.

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Stefaneener said...

You never cease to amaze me.

Yeah, I love it when I'm doing all the midwify stuff for headaches -- hydrating, deep breathing, etc., and nothing helps. Two Motrin and I'm happy and singing.

Did I tell you it wasn't until after Tor was born a midwife suggested that I take Motrin for afterpains? I wanted to kill them for the other ones.