Saturday, June 30, 2007

Groceries 6/30/07

I'm so angry with Pick N Save since they eliminated double coupons and instead started this MPG program. The MPG program gives you 10 cents off per gallon of gas for every $50 of groceries you buy, up to 12 gallons, and only at participating Mobil gas stations. Of course, the day this promotion started, all Mobil gas stations increased their per-gallon prices by 5 cents above every other station in the area. UGH!

I still did pretty well today.

Total: $95.93
Savings: $61.06
Number of Items: 57
Pick N Save

best deals:
Super Pretzels, reg. $2.59, on sale for B1G1F, minus $1 coupon
Scott toilet paper, 12 pk. dbl. rolls, reg. $7.05, sale for $5.50 minus $1 coupon
Kraft shredded cheese, reg. $2.89, sale for $2 minus $0.75 coupon
Coke products in 12 pks., reg. $3.99-$4.19, on sale for $2.75 minus one additional one free if you buy 5

I don't know if I've ever mentioned that our credit card (Chase Rewards) gives us 5% cash back on all purchases at grocery stores, gas stations, and drug stores. That helps, too.

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mamafitz said...

yeah, i'm not happy with that change at PnS either. even with the 10 cent off coupon, it's still usually cheaper at the clark station by you.