Wednesday, June 13, 2007

T's Star Wars Room

When C. and T. were sharing a room (and M. was still in with G & I), I found a great "bed in a bag" Harry Potter set on clearance. This was something that would work for both kids, so I bought two for their bunk beds.

We painted the walls blue to match (the carpet was already blue) and I made curtains and a wall hanging from fabric found at Wal-fart.

But T's over that--and into Star Wars in a BIG way! We re-did the girls' room completely after G and I moved upstairs, but there wasn't really a need (or a budget) to re-do T's room. But as G. was cleaning out his closet, he found a lot of Star Wars toys and posters, and as I was cleaning out the linen closet, I found some Star Wars pillow cases that we'd bought when C. was little.

I went to Wal-fart and found some fabric to make curtains (4 yards x $4/yard) and a fleece panel ($5) and solid black sheet ($3). Here's everything put together:
I sewed the fleece panel onto the twin sheet, and then cut down an old black and white comforter and wrapped the sheet around the edges and sewed it down.

I took some of the leftover curtain fabric and sewed it onto an old solid black toss pillow.

It's so cool how this poster matches the pillow cases:

The only thing is that I don't think I like the blue walls with this stuff, and the blue walls got stained from the leaky roof and we have no more paint to touch up, so..... what color would you paint the walls?


mamafitz said...

i think i'd stay with the blue, but make it darker, almost navy. (then again, we have one navy bathroom, one navy bedroom, and the kitchen is almost navy, so maybe i'm not the best person to ask). :)

katie said...

I know you won't agree, but I would paint it orange like the lettering on the comforter. Otherwise, the brighter blue from the curtains. Or some of each! :)

sarah said...

My first thought was orange, too. What does T think? Orange is very in right now....Donna's bedroom and dining room are a beautiful, deep orange. Not that T would care about what's "in."
And, come to think of it, not that just because I know someone with an orange dining room it's "in."

Abby said...

I think a darker blue would be great, too.

Di said...

I stumbled across your blog while doing a search for other star-wars related bedroom stuffs for kids. My son will be 7 soon and is a huge star wars fan and I decided when I saw that same fabric I'd make him curtains (though I've never sewn so now wondering how to go about it, haha) and a matching pillow if I have enough stuff. I LOVE what you did with the comforter!!!! Anyway, I realize its been over 6 months since you posted this, but wanted to say thanks for the inspiration!!