Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Camp, Day Three pics and a letter!

LOTS of camp pics today! Looks like a really fun day...

WHOA! Look at that hair:
It's Survivor camp, remember!

We also got a letter from C. today. Here it is, as she wrote it:

Dear Mom, Dad, M. and T,
Today we had our first immunitie chalange. My cabin/team won it! It came as a suprise to all of us. We had the worst shot but somehow they decieded we won. We got these odd cloth tubes called buffs that our are team colors. My team is Rainbow. Our team name is the Pink Pirate Killer bunnies. There are so many blackberrys that they are all over.

I miss you all lots,
p.s. M's leafes are included
(she promised to send leaves from camp for M's giraffe)


suzee said...

So much fun! When can the adults go to camp?

Abby said...

Sounds and looks like fun!